About Our Company

Welcome to Valimet Inc.  We are a small business making a big impact around the world with tiny metallic spheres.  Valimet is situated in Stockton, California, at the heart of the burgeoning San Joaquin Valley.  Valimet has specialized in spherical metal powder manufacturing for over 30 years.  We initially built our reputation as a trusted supplier of aluminum powder as fuel in solid rocket boosters to major aerospace companies including Aerojet, Thiokol, Hercules, Lockheed and United Technologies.

Over the years the company's product mix has evolved and expanded to provide precise powder characteristics to a variety of specialty markets.  Our production department can tailor particle size distributions to meet practically any commercial, military or custom specification.

Our production line includes pure aluminum, aluminum silicon, aluminum bronze and specialty alloy powders.  All of these powders are spherical, produced by inert gas atomization, with particle sizes from 2 microns to approximately 200 microns.

Valimet's diverse work force combines the vast experience of its tenured staff with the innovation and enthusiasm of its newer members to bring you the state-of-the-art in metal powders.  This richly established foundation compliments our knowledge of new technology, and our flexibility keeps Valimet at the pinnacle of an evolving industry.