VALIMET began producing spherical aluminum powders on its present 18-acre site in Stockton, California in the 1960s. The site was chosen by the predecessor company, Valley Metallurgical Processing Company, to service its multiple aerospace customers situated on the West Coast.  Originally designed for use as fuel in solid propellants, thermal spray and other coating applications, these powders are now also used in additive manufacturing, cold spray, HVOF, brazing, decoy flares, ordnance, electronic and thermal management materials and more are being added all the time.

Through the infusion of technology, VALIMET constantly reinvents itself to supply powders for new applications as they are developed. All of VALIMET’s spherical powders are produced by inert gas atomization, lending excellent flow properties. Our grades are certified to meet hundreds of military, commercial and custom specifications. Solid Propellants and in general Energetic materials are a typical end use of VALIMET’s powders. We pride ourselves in maintaining excellent quality control standards, and VALIMET is renowned for lot-to-lot consistency in all of its metal powder products. VALIMET’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 certified and we are a Pratt and Whitney LCS approved source.

We operate three atomizers comprised of seven atomizing units capable of producing millions of pounds of spherical metal powders each year. These production systems are strategically separated for maximum safety and redundancy. VALIMET uses the highest quality raw material to achieve optimum atomizing performance and maximize the purity of products offered to our customers. 

As a small company, we are quick to respond to new opportunities. VALIMET offers personalized customer service and support throughout your entire experience, from initial inquiry through delivery and follow-up.

We look forward to serving you!