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A Question

VALIMET is about Consistency and Flexibility. In-Lot and Lot-to-Lot Consistency is related to our operational excellence. With Flexibility we mean that we toll-atomize special alloys, proprietary alloys, with the same consistency of our standard grades. Our portfolio has a side that’s visible to all and another side that’s hidden, related to a one-to-one confidential relationship with our accounts. Powering our Customer’s Innovation with our powders – this is our ambition.

But does the VALIMET logo tell this story? 

The meaning of VALIMET logo

The Geographical Perspective

VALIMET is located in Stockton, California. We’re in the middle of the so-called ‘Big Valley’. It’s may seem a dry land, but it’s watered by rivers coming down the mountains. Our neighbor farmers grow Grapes, Peaches, Strawberries, Apricots, Tomatoes … the breadbasket of the Nation. VALIMET utilizes environmentally–friendly practices to limit the impact of our operations on the ecosystem and the community around our plant. It must be considered that one of our core value is the care for our Employees, who are mostly Big Valley residents.
Our sense of belonging to this land is embodied by the two triangles, representing the two mountain chains, East and West of Stockton. VALIMET is right there in the middle … right in the heart of the community.

The Operations & Strategy Perspective

The logo consists of two triangles, a two dimensional rendering of metal powder poured into a pile on a plane. They’re identically shaped: that represents lot-to-lot consistency. Each of them is an isosceles triangle: that represents in-lot consistency. The two triangles have different colors: VALIMET is a multi-alloys manufacturer.

Truth be told: the triangles overlap. Part of the right triangle (blue) cannot be seen. There’s something non-obvious that’s hidden, kept secret: that represents our Flexibility in accommodating exclusive, proprietary alloys requests.


We believe that our logo nails the nature of VALIMET, its Consistency and Flexibility fame.

P.S. - There’s Science behind our logo

Logos’ and Art Works’ impact on human mind is a fascinating topic. It’s been studied in relation to the domain of Solid State Physics by Professor Giuseppe Caglioti, the author of Dynamics of Ambiguity. In a nutshell: ambiguous images created by artists have an interesting correspondence with ambiguous facts that Solid State Physics exposes us to. For instance: where is the electron located in an H2+ molecule? Close to one of the two neutrons, close to the other one, to both? How does the human mind analyze an ambiguous concept?

Ambiguous, symmetrical logos give a sense of reliability, quietness, let’s say Consistency. Logos containing order, meaning infractions of symmetry, communicate innovation, dynamism, in other words: Flexibility.

VALIMET’s logo contains a symmetry by lateral translation: the two triangles are identical, they could fully overlap. The triangles are isosceles: that means that the left side mirrors the right side. This combination of symmetries gives the foundation to a sense of Consistency. However, there’s also a tiny overlap, an infraction to the translational symmetry. The left end of the blue triangle is hidden. This broken symmetry discloses the perspective of Flexibility.

We look forward to serving you!