Markets Served

We at VALIMET atomize standard and custom alloyed powders in quantities of 100 pounds to 100 tons. With alloying elements from AI to Zn, we can make custom alloy requirements a reality for each market we serve.


VALIMET’s spherical Aluminum powders are being used by major Aerospace companies for many strategic and tactical programs, as well as commercial launch vehicles. We continue to collaborate on propellant development for new programs. Our powders are used in Additive Manufacturing components for Satellites.


VALIMET Aluminum powders are certified to many military specifications. We serve both Energetic applications and Cold Spray processes for repair and components manufacturing. For decades, we have supplied solutions for Decoy Flares manufacturing: their use spans from Firefighters’ landscape management to Helicopters and Fighter Jets.

Automotive & Aircrafts

VALIMET’s spherical Aluminum powder is used in the Automotive industry to support some of the newest technologies from Additive Manufacturing parts to components for electric vehicles. Also, our alloyed powders are used in Cold and Thermal Spray processes for the coating of several Engine and Aircrafts components.

Electronics and Industrial Applications

Thanks to its low density and high thermal, electrical conductivity, Aluminum based powders are typical additives for Interface Materials and Conductive Pastes for Electronic devices. Also, VALIMET has supplied the Refractory Materials industry for years with Aluminum-Silicon alloy powders.

We look forward to serving you!