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Safety Product Safety

Every Valimet shipment is accompanied by the appropriate SDS (Safety Data Sheet), including chemical data, safety and handling information. Customers may request a copy of an SDS via email at Valimet's aluminum powders do not meet the criteria as dangerous goods (as tested in accordance with UN Guidelines and U.S. Department of Transportation Regulations). These powders are not considered hazardous for transportation purposes when Valimet is the shipper of record and the product is packed in its original shipping containers. For more information about the non-hazardous status of Valimet's aluminum powders, please see "Non-Hazardous Letter".

Handling Guidelines Safe Material Handling

For the latest information on aluminum powder safety, please refer to NFPA 484 "Standard for Combustible Metals" available from the National Fire Protection Association and publication TR-2 "Safe Handling of Aluminum Powders and Pastes" available from The Aluminum Association, Inc. Questions and concerns about safe handling of aluminum powders should be directed to Valimet's Director of Corporate services via email at

WarningIcon Emergency Contact: CHEMTREC (800)424-9300