Additive Manufacturing Aluminum Alloy Powders

VALIMET’s AM line of aluminum alloy powders is specifically designed for additive manufacturing. After atomization via inert gas for spherical morphology, the aluminum powders are sized to eliminate fines and enhance flowability. The particle size distributions are tailored to maximize density, improve mechanical properties and optimize printing performance while meeting stringent OEM specifications.

Our standard grade of AM powders has a particle size distribution in the range of -53/+15µ. This finer particle size is great for higher resolution without sacrificing properties. VALIMET’s “C” grade aluminum alloy powders have a slightly coarser distribution and good flow characteristics, sized in the range of -63/+20µm. Please see the AM Series Data Sheet below for details.

Some of our typical aluminum AM powder grades include AlSi10Mg, F357, 6061, 7075, 2024, and 4047. Additional alloys include 5083, 7050, and 3003 – all available in stock. VALIMET toll-produces A20x (A205) powder which is sold and distributed through patent holder.

In addition to offering standard grades for a variety of industrial AM machines, VALIMET may also be able to customize powders to meet your unique chemistry and sizing needs.  We look forward to working with you.  Our Powder…Your Vision! 

We look forward to serving you!