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Additive Manufacturing Grades

Valimet’s AM line of aluminum alloy powders is specifically designed for additive manufacturing. After atomization via inert gas for spherical morphology, the powders are then sized to eliminate fines and enhance flowability. The particle size distribution is tailored to maximize density and optimize mechanical properties.

Our standard grade of AM powders have a particle size distribution in the range of -53/+15µ. This finer particle size is great for higher resolution. We have a “C” grade of powders that have a somewhat coarser distribution in the range of -65/+20µ and this material is made to flow. Some of our typical AM grades can be viewed in the data sheets attached below and they consist of our AM 103, AM 103C (AlSi10Mg), AM 6061, AM 7075, AM 2024, AM 205 and AM 357. All of these materials can be offered in the finer or the coarser grades referenced above.


Complex Part made with Valimet AM material.





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