Takeaways from RAPID + TCT 2023

May 4, 2023

Closing thoughts on RAPID + TCT 2023. What can help an Industry evolve? (from the Latin e-volvo, ‘I roll forth’).
Some answers collected on the shop floor:

  • Close connection between End Users and supply chain players (a trait of the Additive Manufacturing ecosystem);
  • Trade Shows and Associations that help the cause (we’re witnessing proliferation of both – many say it’s excessive);
  • Consolidations (brutal but true);
  • Players who deliver consistency and players who push the technology limits.

    With regards to the latter, we at VALIMET, Inc. salute EOS‘ absolutely non-obvious achievement: this tiny book is entirely 3D printed. Foils detached from one another are held together like in any hand-made book.
    May this collection of white papers symbolize that the future of AM is still to be written.

    Luigi Alzati

    #additivemanufacturing #3dprinting
May 4, 2023

Takeaways from RAPID + TCT 2023